An old Jewish proverb says "Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity." This is the central motto of Economikly.

We are a website that aims to provide a platform where researchers, educators and students can freely express all ideas related to the fields of Economics and Finance in the form of research papers, journals, articles and any other such works.

Having graduated recently, our founders realised that the students often have to conduct research as a part of their curriculum, which usually goes unpublished and therefore unrecognized. Teachers, researchers and academicians too, possess extensive knowledge in the form of documents, articles and presentations, which unfortunately is only accessible to a limited number readers or students. Further continuation of this trend would consequently deprive the world of a plethora of knowledge that could potentially benefit the entire student community.

We hope that we can solve these problems and positively contribute to the fields of Economics and Finance by encouraging further research, creating a knowledge pool, starting discussions and thus augmenting interest in these subjects.